The Gamboa Rainforest Reserve in Panama offers a relaxing, beautiful tropical getaway near Panama City. For tourists and locals alike, this natural rainforest area boasts an incredibly wide range of wildlife and amenities. Be sure to visit the resort to stay in the area, stay as long as you like and enjoy some of the incredible experiences to be had there.

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Gamboa Rainforest Reserve: A Tropical Paradise in Panama

The Gamboa Panama Rainforest Reserve in Panama is just 30 minutes from downtown Panama City, where you can experience a picture-perfect jungle getaway without sacrificing modern comforts. 

There are many tour opportunities to enjoy here, like the chance to meet a real indigenous jungle tribe, or a night safari to experience the nocturnal creatures of the jungle. Or maybe just wandering on the many trails looking for the huge range of species of exotic animals that call the Reserve home.

Probably the best way to get to know the Gamboa rainforest for newcomers is to hop on a Gamboa River boat tour. From the river, you can see a large area of the rainforest and enjoy a great view of the wildlife that live in Gamboa. Plus, it’s an opportunity to get a lay of the land and the area’s diverse plant species – you can even fish from the side of the boat!

Gamboa Sloth Sanctuary

Another must-do while in the Gamboa rainforest is to visit the Gamboa sloth sanctuary for an up-close-and-personal view of some of the cutest animals in the rainforest. You can take an hour-long tour of the sanctuary, and learn about the sloth’s natural habitat, as well as how their social structures work, some fascinating biological information, and much more. Several tour options are available to take your whole family on to experience the wonder of these amazing creatures.

The sanctuary is managed by the Panamerican Conservation Association, which rehabilitates sloths and attempts to introduce injured or homeless creatures back into their natural habitat. Tours of the sanctuary also include a visit to the rescue center to witness how the team helps sloths thrive.


Panama's Rainforests Biodiversity

Panama is known for its lush tropical forests, and Gamboa is no different. Take a night safari to experience all the wildlife that comes out when the sun goes down. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe from the crocodiles! An aerial tram transports you over and through the forest canopy, where you can enjoy stunning, unique views of wildlife and exotic plants you simply can’t find anywhere else. This is a great opportunity to see wildlife from an angle you don’t normally have, looking down on the sloths, butterflies, monkeys, and more from above.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of the many bird species that call the Gamboa Rainforest home. You never know what you might come across as you’re exploring the forest.

In addition to the hundreds of animal species and thousands of plant species to see here, you can also book a visit to an indigenous tribe that has lived in the area for thousands of years, the Wounaan community.

Ecotourism at Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

you to commune with nature in a way that’s exceptionally meaningful. You can immerse yourself in the wonders of the rainforest, with its incredible biodiversity and vast ecological resources here. Inspiring a sense of awe and wonder is, of course, one of the foundational principles of ecotourism. The idea is to inspire people to take action and do what they can to preserve the world’s natural spaces. The Gamboa Panama Rainforest is an excellent setting to do just that.

Perhaps one of the most powerful activities you can do in Gamboa to further the cause of ecotourism is to visit the indigenous Wounaan community. Dancers and tribal leaders put on a show for visitors, displaying some of their traditional rituals and community events. You can also see firsthand how ecological destruction can affect their lives in the Gamboa Panama Rainforest. This destruction threatens not only their livelihoods, but also the traditions that have been passed down for thousands of years.


Visit the Gamboa Rainforest Reserve in Panama

There are plenty of reasons to travel to Panama and be inspired by the natural and man-made beauty all around. The Gamboa Panama Rainforest is one of the most popular natural attractions in the country and with good reason. You don’t get the chance to experience nature and see how it affects humanity in many places around the world. Gamboa offers a unique opportunity to see the intersection of the natural, or wild, world and the world of humans. Be sure to add a stop to Gamboa if you are in Panama or plan to visit. You certainly won’t be disappointed, and you might even learn a few things along the way.