Whether you’re staying in Panama City on vacation or for work, almost everyone could use a stop at one of the famous Panama City beach bars once in a while. From swanky oceanside hotspots to quiet restaurants with exquisite drink menus, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to go out and about in Panama City.

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Bars in Panama City: Exploring the Capital's Nightlife Scene

There are many bars in Panama City beach that cater to all kinds of drinkers. You might be turned off by tourist hotspots in other parts of Central America, but here in Panama City, you can expect even the most crowded tourist-packed clubs and bars to be full of excellent drinks, good food, and a lively atmosphere. Even if you’re more in the mood for a quieter experience, Panama City has you covered.

Top 5 Bars in Panama City

You might expect this list to include only bars on the beach in Panama City, but there’s a wide range of local spots that attract all kinds of people from all over the area, tourists and locals.

Tantalo Rooftop Bar

At the top of the Tantalo Hotel in Old Panama City is the Tantalo Rooftop Bar. This bar is a little more upscale and out of the way for most nightlife enthusiasts, but you can’t find better views of the city from a rooftop bar than here. If you’re really going for the most Panamanian experience you can, be sure to visit this paradise in paradise at sunset to catch some truly spectacular views.


Hangar 18

If the locals are showing up in droves to a Panama City bar, you know you found the right spot. If you love rock music and love to rock out, this is your jam. Open every night with frequent live music nights and even regular karaoke nights, you can’t lose if you stop by for a cold one or to jam out.


The Q Skylounge

The Q Skylounge is an exclusive rooftop bar located in the heart of Panama City, offering breathtaking views, delightful dishes, and a bar with a wide selection of cocktails, beers, wines, and imported spirits. With a capacity ranging from 1 to 120 people, Skylounge is situated in the Rooftop PH Boutique Quartier in Bella Vista, Panama. We provide services for birthdays, special events, BBQs, mixology, cocktail service, and à la carte dining. For more details, you can contact Mary Sol Gómez. Additionally, we offer various services such as restaurants in Bella Vista, event spaces in Bella Vista, and BBQ gatherings in Bella Vista.

In addition to our diverse cocktail selection, our restaurant features an extensive menu that includes appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and local specialties from both land and sea.

Find us at The Q Sky Lounge, located in our Marbella apartment building. Discover a unique experience in the heart of Panama City!



Explore CasaCasco Rooftop, one of the best rooftop bars in Casco Viejo, Panama City. This unique building houses three restaurants, including Marula and Koböre, with a vibrant rooftop bar offering 360-degree panoramic views. With its white decor and comfortable seating, the relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere is perfect for enjoying the sunset. Open into the late hours, CasaCasco Rooftop is known for hosting special events, from marriage proposals to New Year’s parties with fireworks. 

Reservations are recommended to secure a spot on the rooftop or in Plaza Herrera. Additionally, the building features a nightclub on the lower floor and table areas in Plaza Herrera for live entertainment and food from the restaurants. Explore all facets of CasaCasco Rooftop for a complete experience in the heart of Casco Viejo, Panama. Connect with us to discover more about this fascinating destination!


Sunset House

Probably one of the best bars on the beach Panama City has to offer, Sunset House offers unfettered access directly to the beach as well as panoramic views of the waters as you sip specialty cocktails and unwind. For seafood lovers, order some bites from the bar to experience fresh dishes with local flair. And of course, make sure to check out all the cocktails and specialty drinks they have to offer. This is perfect for couples or singles looking for a relatively subdued experience right on the beautiful waters of Panama City.


Lost Urban Beach Club

Despite the name, Lost Urban Beach Club is actually pretty easy to find in the heart of Panama City. With excellent views of Panama Bay, this is the place to be for nearly any occasion. A quiet drink with a few friends or a romantic partner? No problem. Looking for a more rowdy situation featuring shots, etc., you can find that here too. Lost features a full bar, of course, but it also has an open kitchen putting out excellent local plates featuring fresh seafood, traditional Panamanian treats, and even some plates that would leave many foreigners impressed. This is another perfect spot to take a loved one or just to experience a sunset you aren’t likely to forget. Lost will get you lost in flavor and the views of the ocean just beyond the front door.


Live the Night in Panama City - Discover the Bars that Highlight its Vibrant Nightlife Scene

Panama City nightlife is vibrant and very much alive. Regular visitors often marvel at how many new restaurants and bars have sprung up throughout the city as more people pour in to experience a beautiful Central American city right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Like many cities on the upswing, you can see the results of improved infrastructure and investment in the new businesses opening and the many amenities that they continue to offer both residents and tourists. In case you want to go to a restaurant before or after entering into a bar, check out our article about the best restaurants in Panama city.

From Panama City beach bars to fine dining and quieter, out-of-the-way drinking spots, Panama City has what you need to unwind and experience the flavors and people of a true metropolis. In a city with favorable weather most of the year, you can expect to find plenty of opportunities to visit bars in Panama City right on the beach, as well as exquisite selection and service from bars and restaurants a little farther up from the beach. If you’re living or just visiting Panama City, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for beach Panama City bars and restaurants, with new venues opening in all parts of the city, seemingly at all times.