For the uninitiated, Panama nightlife is a hidden gem in this Central American country. Particularly in Panama City, home to dance clubs, bars, restaurants, lounges, and much more both on the street and on the beach, you can experience luxurious surroundings, surprising food and drink, and the friendly character that makes Panama a destination for everyone in the area.


If you’re staying long-term in Panama City or just for a weekend, there’s plenty to do and things to see. Read on for some suggestions to get your nights started right.

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Where to party in Panama?

From intense dance clubs to small chill-out and relaxation spots, the nightlife in Panama holds a little something for everyone to enjoy. Of course, Panama has a huge advantage over other locations: easy beach access for those who want to party or relax next to the crashing waves of the warm ocean. Whether you’re looking for a regular place to get to know your neighbors or a place to tear up the dance floor, Panama nightlife has you covered.

Top Clubs in Panama city

Discoteca Ashe

This nightclub in downtown Panama City will get you moving to the beat in a hurry. With specialty cocktails and a spacious dancefloor, it’s a great way to start, or end, your night on the town. Its proximity to several hotels and tourist activities makes it a hotspot for people who have relocated, are staying for a short time on business, or are on vacation.

Discoteca ashe panama


Alejandro’s has widely been described by locals as the best bar in Panama City. That’s probably because it has it all: fine cigars with some of the freshest tobacco around, every kind of beer or cocktail you could want, a full dinner menu featuring fresh, local cuisine (plus a little taste of home for out-of-towners), and a dance floor ready and waiting. Alejandro’s is open every day except Sunday and doesn’t close until 3 or 4 a.m.


Crown Casino El Panamá

The Crown Casino El Panamá is the top casino experience in the area, featuring all the conveniences and luxury you would expect of a top-end casino. In addition to playing many types of card games, sports betting, and more, you can expect top-notch food and drink, regular events and cultural programming, and a luxury hotel where you can stay and play to your heart’s content. It even boasts a dancefloor that rivals many of the other Panama clubs in nightlife.


Lounges in Panama

For a more chill atmosphere, check out these low-key spots for Panama nightlife in Panama City.

Lost Urban Beach

Panama City offers unique beach bar and lounge experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Lost Urban Beach is an example of that Panamanian beach flavor that lends itself to Panama beach nightlife in the best way. Believe it or not, this breathtaking beachside bar is in the heart of the city. Not only do you get excellent views of Panama Bay, but you can also feel like you’re watching a sunset on a beautiful white sand beach.


The space itself is decorated with LED lights that change color based on the occasion, along with a fun floor plan and a large bar that serves as the welcome station for anyone drifting in for a drink.

lost urban beach

The Hydra Seafood and Lounge

The Hydra is one of those places that can change depending on which night of the week you attend. During the weekdays, locals and tourists alike pop in for a fine dining experience featuring some of the most delicious Panamanian cuisine in the area, chased down with specialty cocktails. During the weekends, according to some Social Media influencers, the dance floor lights up and people from all walks of life gather. Look no further for delicious food and drink, with a party atmosphere on the weekends and always a surefire Panama nightlife hotspot.

Hydra sea food

Experience Panama Nightlife with us

The nightlife in Panama may surprise you but don’t sleep on the many places to dance the night away in Panama City. No matter what you’re looking for in a night on the town, Panama City has the answers for you.


Whether you’re staying for a weekend or much longer, in the downtown area or residential areas, you will have an excellent, can’t-miss opportunity to have some fun in Central America! Be sure to visit the above attractions for Panama nightlife to enliven your trip or make you welcome in this vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community.


Panama City is much like many other international cities around the world. There are many areas set aside for the appreciation of nature or to just allow people to rest and relax in the middle of a bustling city. During your next visit, no matter for how long, be sure to experience the local nightlife as well as the fresh coastal cuisine, and so much more.