Whether you’re staying for a short or a longer time in Panama, you’ll find a Panama restaurant to your liking. That’s because Panama, particularly Panama City, offers a wide range of local fare and excellent takes on foreign food to remind you of the taste of home, no matter where you come from. No matter your taste, there’s a Panama restaurant for you.


You might think that the best restaurants in Panama exclusively feature seafood, but nothing could be further from the truth. Read more to learn about your next Panamanian spot.

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Top Restaurants in Panama

From beachside dining to a more relaxing bar or lounge feel, Panama City has you covered. Here are some of the best restaurants in Panama

Azahar Panama

On the cutting edge of Panama City cuisine is Azahar Panama. Featuring a wide range of seafood and a full sushi bar, the team at Azahar is always pushing the envelope, trying to bring out the freshest ingredients and culinary ideas for all diners. Don’t think Azahar Panama is only seafood, though. You can also choose from such as the filet mignon and aligot, 24-hour smoked short rib, or even a traditional Beef Wellington.


Perfect for a fine dining experience, Azahar Panama is one of the premier old town Panama restaurants. This popular kitchen produces Western European classics along with a heavy Asian influence in all its entrees and sushi bar.

Azahar panama

Concolon Panamanian

For a more relaxed and casual experience that still won’t disappoint, give Concolon Panamanian a try. With its lunch specials and dinner combos, you won’t be leaving hungry or penniless. It’s difficult to find a more authentic Panamanian dining experience in the Panama City area. Owned by a local family who are always looking to chat up visitors and share a laugh, you can expect large family portions, friendly staff, and an open kitchen where you can see where the magic happens. It’s perfect for kids.


From traditional Panamanian dishes like deep-fried rice to traditionally cooked pork and black beans. The restaurant has a local familial feel and is frequented by locals. That’s how you can tell you’re in one of the most popular and best restaurants in Panama.

Concolon Panama

The Q Sky Lounge

The Q Skylounge is a rooftop venue located in the heart of Panama City, offering incredible views, delightful dishes, and a bar with a diverse selection of cocktails, beers, wines, and imported spirits. With a capacity ranging from 1 to 120 people, the Skylounge is situated in the Rooftop PH Boutique Quartier in Bella Vista, Panama. Services include birthday parties, special events, BBQ, mixology, cocktail service, and à la carte dining. For more information, you can contact Mary Sol Gómez, and they provide a variety of services such as restaurants in Bella Vista, event spaces in Bella Vista, and barbecue gatherings in Bella Vista.

In addition to a variety of cocktails, this restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and local specialties from both land and sea.

You can find The Q Sky Lounge in our apartment building Marbella. 


La Vespa Vista Mare

One of the excellent old town Panama restaurants, La Vespa Vista Mare offers Italian cuisine with a Panamanian twist. Emphasizing seafood and coastal Italian fare, you can find all your favorite Italian dishes here plus a few you likely haven’t seen before. The variety is surprising, the wine is excellent and paired expertly, the pasta is handmade, and the atmosphere is both relaxing and luxurious in a beautiful part of Panama City.


vespa vista marea


Maito is an authentic Panamanian restaurant whose aim is to represent the beautiful diversity in Panama by showcasing cuisine from its many regions and peoples. Eating at Maito is like taking the most fun history lesson you can imagine. Its chefs are dedicated to marrying popular Panama City food with its more traditional cuisine from all regions of this beautiful country.


Maito’s classic yet bright interior and snazzy service lend itself to a great fine dining experience. Each dish is bold and experimental, yet still feels like it comes piping hot from a home kitchen. Wash down your ceviche and ribeye steak with an extensive and representative wine list and specialty cocktails made to delight you and compliment the food and atmosphere.

Maito restaurant panama

Brutto Restaurant

Brutto is growing in reputation across Central America and the Caribbean. With three locations now in Aruba, El Salvador, and Panama City, there’s a reason this is still considered one of the best restaurants in Panama. Brutto features an urban-chic setting with a focus on Asian-influenced cuisine with its own special twist.


There’s more than meets the eye at Brutto, however. In addition to delicious Asian dishes from a multitude of locations and traditions, Brutto also features a risotto menu, a sushi bar, and a “not so small eats” menu to fit your appetite and whatever you’re in the mood for. You’ll also find excellent service catered to each guest and an extensive wine list featuring all kinds of wine from the best wine regions in the world, including some closer to home.

brutto restaurant

Enjoy the Best Panama City Restaurants

Try out these restaurants and explore all Panama and Panama City have to offer. Whether you’re in town for a few days on vacation or enjoying a longer stay, Panama City has many flavors and tastes to try. Its diversity and proximity to the fresh flavors of the sea make it an ultimate culinary destination. You might be surprised to hear that, but locals have been trying to tell tourists this is a hotspot for all things food and drink for years.

You can bet you’ll be welcomed in all of these Panamanian eateries, and be sure to discover your own special Panamanian place.