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the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world

Welcome to Panama! A place where you can enjoy the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world, both in the Pacific and in the Caribbean. Paradise for fishermen, surfers, humpback whale watchers, turtle spawning, coffee farms, waterfalls, volcanoes etc ... wildlife and nature in its wildest state.


Panama means "abundance of fish" in indigenous language and Panama lives up to its name. It has several world-class fishing areas, including Piñas Bay, the Gulf of Chiriquí and Coiba Island in the western area of ​​Panama. Las Islas de Las Perlas, a short distance by boat or plane from the city. For freshwater fishing, Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal, 45 minutes. Guaranteed a unique experience!


Between the months of July and October, the sighting of humpback whales or Yubartas, in groups and with their young, is assured! It is a unique experience that you will not forget and you have a Ferry leaving the City for your day pass.

Indigenous Caribbean

Dreaming of exploring deserted islands with coconut trees and crystal clear turquoise waters with all the orientation of the indigenous Guna Yala of Panama? If you are looking for the perfect combination of indigenous culture, adventure, and beach, this is a perfect excursion for you.


Paradise where you can enjoy comfort.

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